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A Verified Supplier is a supplier for whom certain aspects of its company profile, management system, production capabilities, and product and process controls have been assessed, certified and/or inspected by independent third party institutions via online and offline means.

Verified Supplier TUV Rheinland
Verified Supplier Certificate

Why source from Verified Suppliers* ?

World-class inspection

Get connected with suppliers who have passed on-site verification by top global third-party inspection companies such SGS, Intertek, TUV Rheinland etc.

Detailed and free inspection report downloads

Be it regarding products, R&D, QC processes, industry experience or number of employees, buyers can download inspection reports that entail in-depth on-site checks and relevant data.

Verified videos available

See the supplier’s facilities firsthand on video.

Professional suppliers within the industry

Source products checked by independent third-party inspection companies and save time by connecting with credible suppliers that have specialty tags.

Verified Supplier TUV
Angels Solar Verified Suppliers on Alibaba

The difference between Gold Supplier and Verified Supplier?

To qualify as a Verified Supplier, a supplier’s company profile, production capabilities, products and process controls have to be inspected, assessed and verified by independent third party institutions to assure reputable and consistent expertise on

Verified Supplier is the membership tier for high-quality suppliers on This exclusive designation is meant to create more trust amongst buyers. The program provides suppliers with on-site verification services from an independent, professional certification institution

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