Ground Screws

ANGELS SOLAR offers high-quality ground screws that provide your solar rack a solid base and are easy to install.

ANGELS SOLAR Ground Screws

Save money and time from clearing wide areas by utilizing our ground screw anchors. Our screws are designed to penetrate rocky soil with its welded helix thread and create a secure foundation for your solar mounts. We provide ground screws with different connections to meet various requirements at competitive prices.

workers are drilling holes for screws

Product Advantages

Easy to Use

With user experience and product performance in mind when designing our ground screws, you can easily minimize the removal of rocks or other obstruction.

High Resistant

All of our ground screws are made with certified raw materials that have high resistance against corrosion and shock. Our engineers take into account all common problems to ensure the efficiency of our product.

Fully Customizable

Our engineers design efficient ground screw anchors to have certain attachments or have specialized ends to penetrate hard surfaces for your outdoor space.

Minimized Budget

By minimizing the installation requirement, our ground screws are a cost-effective solution to installing your solar ground mounts with a low cost of maintenance.

ANGELS SOLAR Offers Trusted Ground Screw Products

Why You Need a Ground Screw

As the name indicates, our ground screws act as the foundation for your solar ground mount solutions. The welded helix end can penetrate soil and rock while providing a grip to our ground screw anchors. We can customize the top end to fit different types of mounts for your solar panels.

Not only can we lower your maintenance cost by the efficiency of our helical anchors, but you also save money from our competitively priced solar mount products.

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As a trustworthy ground screw manufacturer in China, we have been providing solar mounting system products that comply with industry standards. Our experienced team aims to install an efficient photovoltaic system onto your outdoor space with incredible ease.

To achieve our aims, we have engineers who provide valuable after-sales services. Within 12 hours, our team can respond to your request for assistance.