High-quality accessories are designed by the ANGELS SOLAR team for your solar mounting system products.

ANGELS SOLAR Accessories

ANGELS SOLAR is your one-stop-shop which also provides nearly all the accessories you need for installing your solar mounting system products. We have a full range of clamps, hooks, and other products to your’ multiple application needs.

solar mounting accessories and tools

Product Advantages


We design our accessories to be easy to handle and install by any end-user. The user-friendly aspect of our products will help streamline the installation of your establishment’s solar panels.

Protective Capacity

The anti-corrosion and durable construction of our accessories protect your solar panels for a long time. Give your photovoltaic system a solid base that can withstand the harsh elements to protect your investment.

Durable Raw Materials

Our accessories are made from exceptional and durable steel material. With our products’ performance and lifespan exceeding expectations, your panels can be secured in place for a long time.

Lowest Maintenance

Utilizing certified materials, we elongate the lifespan of our accessories as well as giving them better resistance against wearing. The materials of our solar mounting products lower your costs of maintenance.

ANGELS SOLAR Offers Trusted Accessories

Our Accessories Can Support Your Solar System Working

The accessories are essential to setting up your solar mount system and installing your photovoltaic panels. From clamps to bolts, our products efficiently attach your panels to our mounts.

Utilize our accessories for your solar system that our engineers have meticulously inspected during manufacturing. Also, we offer those products at a low price and maintenance rate.

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We meet the global standards in the solar mounting system by focusing on your needs and providing exceptional services such as our pre-sales consultation. You also receive 10-year warranty coverage for our products.

ANGELS SOLAR’s experienced team and advanced machinery made us one of China’s reliable solar system accessories manufacturer. We have the products and services that will ensure a fully functional photovoltaic solution on your premises.