AS Solar Steel Carport Parking Structures

solar panel carport mounting
ground solar mounting structure
Solar carport residential
solar panel carport mounting
ground solar mounting structure
Solar carport residential

AS Solar Steel Carport Parking Structures


The utilization of existing parking areas, meaning you don’t have to build out and expand the land you already own.

Carport systems don’t require significant maintenance, meaning you can focus on business as usual without having to constantly worry about your solar consumption.

Custom Options

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Functionality Requirements
  • Additional options depending on your specific installation conditions

10 Years Warranty

Small Orders Available

Excellent Adaptability

Quick Installation Guide

Product Features

  • A quick, efficient, time-sensitive alternative to roof solar panels.
  • A significant increase in energy production for your existing solar solution.
  • Optimal coverage for your car, protecting it from weather, debris, or other harmful elements


More Details

Product Parameters

Application: Open Field
Tilt Angle:  0~45 deg
Snow Load: ≤1.5KN/M2
Wind Speed: 45m/s
Module Orientation: Landscape / portrait
Module Type: Framed
Material: Q235 Steel
Standard: ASCE_7-10, JIS C8955: 2017, EN1090, International Building Code IBC 2009
steel structure solar panel

Warranty & Commitment

  • ANGELS SOLAR offers a 10-year warranty for all ANGELS SOLAR solar mounting system products and accessories;
  • ANGELS SOLAR is committed to providing users with qualified products and accessories that are consistent in materials and manufacturing process;
  • This warranty is only valid if the product is properly installed and approved in accordance with the instructions provided. ANGELS SOLAR provides maintenance services or the replacement parts equivalent to the original product for any default product;
  • You’re free to contact us to get all the warranty details.